How to make any gift special?

 How to make any gift special? It's simple - pack it right 😉 

Як зробити будь який подарунок оригінальним? Все просто - правильно його запакувати!🙂

Today I want to share with you a work which is a bit unusual for me - a decorated gift bag.

As a basis for this gift bag, I took the @13arts paper from the beautiful collection "Rosalie" designed by Aida.

The first step was to mark the lineament of the bag. Further, on this lineament, I made creasing that further allowed me to make the form of a bag.

The next step was to punch holes through which I stretched the tape to make handles for my bag.

Then, my favorite part - decorating ☺️

Although I must say, already in this form, the gift bag looks cute, because the paper "Rosalie" looks really nice. Therefore, if you have a lack of time or patience to decorate, in my opinion, such a gift bag can be given even without decoration. 

However, that's definitely not my way 😁

For decorating this gift bag I used the usual set of materials - paper carvings, plaster figures, lace, chipboard, and, of course, flowers.

Video tutorial is already available on my YouTube channel.


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